Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a vinyl graphic or a vinyl wrap?

    A vinyl graphic is a printed decal with an adhesive backing, like a sticker, which after applying pressure (typically from a squeegee) conforms and sticks to whatever it is applied to. A Vinyl wrap refers to the whole car being covered with an adhesive backed printed graphic, using various panels to create seams, and carry out the image on the whole vehicle. Vinyl can be computer cut to just put text on top of the vehicle's paint or it can be designed and printed on a wide format printer to create full coverage on vehicles such as Vans, Trucks, Trailers, Box Trucks, and Tractor Trailers. 


  • How long do vinyl wraps last?

    We use Avery Dennison 1105 or 3M Controltac IJ180cv3 for our full printed commercial wraps. Typically, they are rated for 5-7 years clean removability without damaging the oem paint of the car. The hood and roof/trunk are only rated 3-5 years due to the factor of the sun hitting it more throughout the day than the rest of the vehicle. Commercial wraps can last onwards of 10 years, however the manufacturers' cannot guarantee clean removability on a vehicle, and thus can lock in to the paint, pulling spots of it up based on the condition of it prior to wrap installation.

    For full color change wraps on personal vehicles, we use Avery Dennison SW-900 Series or 3M 1080 Wrap Series Films. These films are made for more complex installs and can handle conformability around curves better than a commercial printed wrap film. These premium color change films are also pigmented dyed so when there are seams in deep recessed areas, seams are hidden well. and present an almost flawless color on color seam.


  • What are the benefits of a vinyl wrap?

    For a business, it's a no brainer... promote your business and it's services to a wide audience while making deliveries, service calls, or running errands. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation traffic volume data reports that the Lehigh Valley alone has over 80,000 daily drivers on Route 78/22, and 20,000-30,000 daily drivers on other major roads such as Route 100, Route 309, Airport Road, Route 222, Tilghman Street, and 412.

    Because a vehicle has to be cleaned thoroughly before applying a wrap to it, this same look is maintained underneath the vinyl. Your vinyl wrap is adding a protective layer to your paint and preventing it from small road debris, scratches, or nicks which maintain the value of your car if you wish to sell it in the future.


  • How long does the design process take?

    This process can vary based on the client, but we try to keep this process under 1-2 weeks. We start with a consultation and figure out what you are looking for, or are envisioning in your head. We'll take into account of your company's logo, logo/branding colors, and the company message to fully execute an idea that makes your vision a reality. We will send you a mock up of your vehicle with the design as a proof. You will look over it and run it by anyone else in your company that is involved with the process for changes, revisions, etc. Once we bounce back a few revisions and are happy, we move into the printing phase and scheduling phase for your installation.


  • What do you need from me to start the process after I've received a quote?

    First a deposit will be required for any and all work to take place. Typically we will request all of your company's assets such as logos, trademarks, high res images that are used in other marketing/advertising needs and have a consultation to see what YOUR IDEA is first and foremost. Then we will move into the design phase, showing you revisions along the way.

    Please see the "Artwork" section below on file types and resolutions needed for proper graphic printing.


  • How long does the installation process take?

    For COMMERCIAL full wraps, typically 2 - 3 full business days. The first day is spent cleaning the vehicle, washing it, hardware removal (mirrors, antennas, handles, etc) prepping it and letting it dry for graphics. The following two days are spent "wrapping" or installing the graphics to your vehicle, followed by proper post-installation procedures recommended by the manufacture. 

    For COMMERCIAL Lettering/Contour Cut Graphics, typically this will be a 1 full day service. When scheduling we will let you know our estimated time for completion and time(s) for drop off/ pickup.

    For COLOR CHANGE wraps, we typically will spend 4-5 business days on the wrap. These wraps are more challenging in terms of cleaning deeper than a commercial wrap, installing deeper than a commercial wrap because we are trying to obtain true paint like finishes. We refuse to rush our work and want to take our time giving you the best, long lasting wrap. We understand there are "other shops" who will wrap your car for cheaper, and faster, but we however, do not stand along that mentality and rather spend longer on a vehicle to get it perfect rather than getting it out the door. 

    For COLOR CHANGE - HOOD / ROOF / CHROME BLACKOUT wraps, we typically will spend 1/2 - 1 full day on the wrap, sometimes in just a few hours or less, depending on scheduling and other projects on the calendar. Under certain circumstances we can do a "while you wait" service, however because our garage is private and no facilities are on-site, we do not like to entertain this idea. Letting us have your car for a few hours to a full day, even on the small projects, benefits us by having more time to properly clean the areas that are being wrapped, as well as taking our time to not rush perfect results. 

    Upon contacting us for a quote on your project we will discuss our scheduling, and estimated times for completion of your project so you can make necessary arrangements while your vehicle is under our service. *We do NOT give out loaner cars to use. Sorry.*


  • Does my car need be washed before hand? Do I need to remove any wax?

    All wax must be removed a minimum of 48 hours prior to ANY service performed by Eat. Sleep. Wrap. LLC.

    For services like Graphic Lettering, Contour Cut Graphics, Hood Wraps, Roof Wraps, Stripes, etc... PLEASE WASH YOUR VEHICLE the afternoon before dropping off.  If you cannot wash it ahead of time, this may delay our time spent on the vehicle. Cleaning of the surface for a wrap is crucial for a wrap.

    For full wraps, we usually will clean the vehicle ourselves, but always ask you to wash the car 12-24 hours before bringing it. The truth is, we clean deep and heavily, so chances are we will be re-washing it :D


  • Do I need a deposit for my project?

    Yes. For a full wrap or commercial graphics project, a 50% deposit is required to begin any design or layout process. The remaining 50% is due upon completion of the vehicle.For single services like Hood wraps, Roof wraps, etc, 100% is required up front to lock in your date. This ensures no one's time is wasted on either parties end. If a re-schedule date is needed, we are more than happy to accommodate that, as long as enough notice is given. We will be adding a "store" section to our website soon to pay for a hood wrap, roof wrap, and more to get you first priority on our schedule!

    Acceptable forms of payment: Check, Credit, Cash, PayPal.


  • I would like to make an appointment to see your color selections and your facility, how do I do so?

    We encourage you to make an appointment with us to stop by and check out all the cool colors we have to style your ride with. 

    Send us an EMAIL HERE or Give us a call/text @ (610)-704-4252 or visit the Contact page.


Art Guidelines

  • Logos must be submitted in VECTOR format or they will have to be retraced to Vector and cannot guarantee an exact replication,

  • Acceptable Logo files: AI, EPS, PDF, PNG (high quality) , JPEG (high quality)

  • Providing an external download link such as Dropbox works best